Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


General Liposomal:

Q) What are the sources for the Phosphatidylcholine (PC)?

A) Our Phosphatidylcholine, is derived from either Sunflower or Soy. The Soy we use, is Non-GMO and through the purification process any soy marker is removed. Thus, compliant for those with soy allergies. 


Q) Do the liposomes work better than an injection?

A) Many IV doctors use our liposomes in conjunction, or as an alternative to IV therapy. IV levels, tend to be much higher than liposomal but, they clear the blood quicker. Liposomes are a great conjunction, as they have been known to stay in the blood for over 10 hours (extended duration). 


Q) What makes liposomes better than non-liposomal formulas?

A) Liposomes, are a very efficient delivery mechanism, for nutrients that tend to be poorly absorbed. In studies, we proved that our Liposomal Vitamin C product, works better than oral vitamin C. 


Q) Will the Liposomal Vitamin C affect my GI tract?

A) People commonly ingest up to 4 grams, without GI upset.  


Q) The Glutathione has a strong taste.  What will make it taste better?

A) Glutathione is a sulphur-based compound and we’ve done our best to control taste and smell. We suggest, adding it to fruit juice to help with the taste.


Q) What makes Empirical Labs liposomes, better than other cheaper liposomes, I’ve seen on the market?

A) The main difference is, we are the only liposomal company to prove that our product actually helps with the absorption of nutrients. 


Q) Should I take my liposomal product with food, or on an empty stomach?

A) Liposomes tend not to be absorbed in the stomach, hence, is doesn’t really matter. They theoretically pass through the stomach into the middle GI tract and are absorbed into the bloodstream, through the intestinal wall.


Q) What do the products do?

A) Promote bioavailable delivery of nutrients and ultimately better absorption, into our cells.


Q) Can these products be used topically?

A) Most likely, but this has not been tested. Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol will stain the skin.



Q) What are the “Natural Flavors,” used in the products?

A) The flavors are a blend of fruits and berries. We haven’t come across any allergic issues, with regards to these flavors. The flavors are natural aromatic extracts, not known to contain the constituents people are sensitive to. That being said there are no guarantees. We, suggest if you have concerns, place a small amount on your inner arm first and observe any allergic reaction.  They are also completely natural and contain nothing synthetic, no MSG, and no alcohol.


Q) Is the glycerine derived from animals?

A) Derived from Vegetable sources.


Q) What does "Tested Non-GMO” vs. "Non-GMO," mean?

A) Tested non-GMO, means the product does not have any detectable GMO’s.  GMO Free may mean IP (Identity Protected) which means, the identity from seed has been confirmed non-GMO.


Q) What do you use as a preservative

A) At Empirical Labs, we pride our self on the cleanliness, during the manufacturing process. This in turn, means we use very little preservatives in our finished products. We use extremely low levels of Potassium Sorbate (>0.1%), which is a very gentle preservative.  It is far more tolerated, in comparison to alcohol, polysorbate, or benzoate.  



Q) What is the shelf life? Will my old product still work? 

A) Freshness, is commonly maintained up to 18 months from manufacturing.  Older products should be discarded.  Once, a product has been opened, discard after 60 days.


Q) Does it need to be refrigerated?

A) We suggest refrigeration after opening and use within 45 days of opening. We suggest these guidelines, so consumers are conscientious about storage. 


Q) Will the Glutathione and DHA be OK out of refrigeration for shipment?

A) The products are quite stable and are ok out of refrigeration during transit. Extreme temperatures over 120 degrees may affect the product, which is why we choose not to ship over the weekend, in the height of summer. 

The ‘keep refrigerated’ direction, is to emphasis Empirical Labs commitment to our customers, to ensure our products deliver their goodness every time (e.g. do not keep in hot car, during the height of summer). You may pour some liquid into a spoon. If the product curdles this is a sign that it’s spoiled.


Thank You.