What should I take, Folate, Folic Acid or Methlyfolate and Why?

What should I take, Folate, Folic Acid or Methlyfolate and Why?

Posted by Empirical Labs on Dec 3rd 2018

Our bodies are made up of complex systems, all connected together to keep us healthy.

These intertwined pathways, are set in place as we develop in our mother’s womb. They govern our cognitive wellbeing, cell production and all the pathways to a healthy life. They rely on oxygen we breathe, water we drink and nutrients we take in. Some nutrients may not be fully understood, but play a vital role in keeping us healthy.

One such vital nutrient, which we hear a lot about is Folate (Vitamin B9).Folate, is found in green leafy vegetables (asparagus, kale, etc.). Folic acid is the synthetic version of vitamin B9. Low levels of vitamin B9 can result in malfunctions of the brain (anencephaly), spine, anaemia, gastrointestinal issues, to name a few.

During pregnancy, women are advised to increase their Vitamin B9 intake, to help develop a healthy fetus. Folate, (vitamin B9) is essential for healthy cell proliferation, via the interaction of our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (Ribonucleic acid).

Folate and Folic acid under goes biosynthesis (making new compounds), to allow our bodies to absorb the nutrients into our cells. This particular biosynthesis is called methylation(1). The methylation takes place via the MTHFR gene, into a new compound called methylfolate. Methylfolate, is the active form, which our body can use at cell level, folate and to an extent folic acid, is converted into methylfolate.

(1)The folate and to an extent the folic acid undergoes a change, whereby a methyl group (single carbon atom and 3 hydrogen atoms) is attached to the 5th carbon atom in the chain.

However, a large percentage of the population have an issue with the biosynthesis of folate and folic acid into methylfolate. Their MTHFR gene, for whatever reason, is either not present, or not allowing methylation to take place. Thus, no matter how much folate or folic acid they take, very little reaches the cell as methylfolate. So, what do you do? Increase folic acid and folate, but that will cause high levels in the blood stream, but not in the cells. Plus, there are side effects to high levels of supplement based folic acid.

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