Nutritional Supplements – are you being ripped off?

Nutritional Supplements – are you being ripped off?

Posted by Empirical Labs on Sep 17th 2015


Is your raw ingredient supplier / supplement manufacturer ripping you off? How “Dry Blending” is becoming more pervasive in our industry.

In order to save money, many raw ingredient suppliers and manufacturing companies will take short cuts with your supplements. One way that this occurs is to have “non-reacted” ingredients that are known as a Dry Blend.

An example of a potentially non-reacted ingredient is a combination of calcium carbonate and citric acid in a capsule that is labeled calcium citrate; this is not calcium citrate it is simply calcium carbonate and citric acid. In order to make calcium citrate, the two components must be reacted together to make a new material. This is often the case with magnesium, potassium, and many other mineral supplements.

At Empirical Labs we test to ensure that our ingredients are not dry blended. In order to ensure quality, make sure your supplement manufacturer uses only fully reacted ingredients in their formula.

Say no to Ingredient Dry Blending say yes to an accurate label.