Help Bring Calm  & Balance To Your Body.

Help Bring Calm & Balance To Your Body.

Posted by Empirical Labs on Nov 27th 2018

Hemp Full Spectrum Cannabinoids(FSC), an amazing, overall body tonic.

Over the last few months, we have been inundated, regarding the incredible health benefits associated with Hemp cannabinoids. But, why is this? Well, it’s the unique way it helps maintain the body’s daily functions. Located though out our body, are thousands of tiny cannabinoid receptors. These receptors govern a variety of processes.

The cannabinoids in hemp, attach to the receptors like tiny magnets. Once attached, they help bring the body back into a balanced and harmonised state.

Hemp (FSC) & Liposomal, delivering nutrients throughout the day!

So, we took the hemp (FSC) and encapsulated them it into the liposomes, which meant we had a great delivery method, that intern resulted in better absorption and higher bioavailability throughout the day. 

Thus, Hemp(FSC) plus Liposomes, offers a great tonic, to harmonise the body, plus a great delivery method, to maximise the benefits of Hemp. 

Win, Win.